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The Clearwater Pool System is the most advanced alternative sanitizing system in the world using copper or copper/silver ionization combined with VUV ozone.

In the past Chlorine has been perceived as the only ways to disinfect the water in hot tubs and swimming pools, although it mostly result in red-irritated eyes, dry-brittle hair, itchy skin and faded swimsuits. Chlorine is a strong bleach and is dangerous.

Salt generator is another option we provide for pool owners. This system is not yet a Chlorine-free system, since it is actually producing Chlorine. The Clearwater Pool System is nature’s way of treating water. By using two of nature’s most precious minerals and ozone as a basis for its technology, our system is the most advanced alternative sanitizing system available.

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Ozone pool treatment provide crystal clear pool water without the hassle and health concerns associated with Chlorine pool treatment. Ozone pool system will make sure you never have to use Chlorine in your swimming pools again!

Another technology called swimming pool ionizer who will make sure you can have your pool’s water disinfected in a safer and closest thing to a chemical free swimming pool as you can get.

Our products are available either individually or as a combo system, offered in several models to handle any residential pool or spa. Call our customer service experts and they make sure you can truly enjoy swimming without nasty Chlorine residue.

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