Sprinkler Engineering Services

Why Meeco?

Meeco provides sprinkler design and executive services for major industrial, commercial, and retail projects anywhere in the GTA and nationwide. Our engineering services are consisted of sprinkler engineering services, fire protection engineering services, electrical engineering services, mechanical engineering services, plumbing engineering services, expense engineering, energy modeling, CAD to Revit modeling, BIM services, construction supervision, utility filings and engineering reports, etc.


Meeco provides automatic sprinkler system solutions which stop flames on the spot to minimize the risk of fire spread until help arrives. With the initial signs of smoke, the sprinkler solutions work automatically as a fire extinguisher.


Our smart solutions are exclusive and extensive which will protect everything in your facility from the building to your IT equipment.

Rapid & Efficient

At Meeco our design process is flexible and practical which enables us to have faster turnaround times in comparison to other engineering service providers in the industry. Meeco is a well-established engineering firm in the field of sprinkler and plumbing with years of experience in sprinkler engineering services. Our exclusive sprinkler and plumbing solutions are designed bearing in mind efficiency, functionality, and endurance.

Professional and Widespread

Meeco is a reputable firm in sprinkler engineering with extensive experience in sprinkler engineering services provided by professionals who adhere to technology, practical processes, and broad MEP expertise. We have provided services to major manufacturing, industrial and commercial organizations such as hotels, education, healthcare, etc.


Our experienced and qualified sprinkler engineering team members and project designers and technicians benefit from the latest technology and processes for the design, management, and delivery of 2D and 3D drawings, graphical and non-graphical design, and information as well as BIM for your sprinkler engineering project

Automatic, Protective & Cost-effective

Meeco takes pride in providing high quality and cost-effective sprinkler engineering services while benefiting from efficient teams, updated technology, and economical processes. We provide sprinkler systems that will start extinguishing fire before firefighters arrive which will also provide you with maximum safety and lower insurance premiums.

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