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Today many corporate entities, government buildings, universities, health care facilities, and other commercial building owners are forced to take the necessary steps to reduce the potential for indoor covid-19 transmission. Theses efforts and changes towards improving air quality involves modifications to the HVAC systems which must also coordinate with building services, electrical systems, and other structural elements. Therefore, the services of an experienced and trusted MEP engineering company such as Meeco is vital. Our team will evaluate your current systems and provide recommendations to enhance the air quality of your site or facility and lower the potential for airborne transmission.

At Meeco, our engineering team brings strong experience, practical designs, solutions, and approach to all our assignments. We take pride at our experience in several LEED projects and efficient energy markets, and we ensure to bring about and employ environment-friendly procedures for all our projects based on our statistical data of successful economical outcomes.

Environment Friendly

Meeco’s MEP engineering services, smart design choices and suitable energy efficiency measures can result in significant savings. Improvements in the performance of your HVAC system will reduce your energy expenses as well as impact the reduction of greenhouse emissions.


Our MEP engineering team will make sure your HVAC equipment is upgraded with a higher efficiency rating to reduce energy consumption. We also reduce energy consumption by adding speed controls for motor-driven components of HVAC systems, such as compressors, pumps, and fans.

We implement several fuel efficiencies approaches such as adding blowdown controls for boilers and furnaces, automatic controls and smart thermostats which can reduce the operating cost of most HVAC systems. Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) increases the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Built to Last

With our professional HVAC engineering services and integrating our energy efficiency measures during your construction process, we ensure your HVAC equipment operates more efficiently as we match its capacity with the building load to avoid purchasing undersized or oversized equipment and improve the operating life of the equipment.

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