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Industrial Boiler Installation, Maintenance & Repair

The boiler is like the heart of your facility and is the most vital device. It warms up your property and provides your business environment with hot water. A working boiler is important in the performance of any business. Therefore, our boiler and heating installation, maintenance and repair team will make sure that your boiler is up and running all the time.

Our professional and skillful technicians are speedy and accurate and will help you resolve the issue as quickly as possible. All you need to do is pick up the phone and give MEECO a call.

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Industrial Boiler Installation Services

Our technicians are not only fast but also guarantee providing efficient boiler installation services. MEECO will provide you with expert consultation so that you can choose the right boiler for your business based on your needs and requirements.

Industrial Boiler Repair and Maintenance Services

Never delay small issues in your boiler as it might be more expensive when time passes on your boiler problem, and it might become a major issue. call MEECO right away and we will have our professional HVAC technicians visit you onsite and fix the boiler for you. We also provide regular and scheduled maintenance to ensure that your system is running efficiently and safely all the time.
We provide every six month and/or annual boiler maintenance and some of them are as follows:

  • Control inspection
  • Valve maintenance
  • Valve repair
  • Switch maintenance
  • Switch repair
  • Combustion air requirements inspection
  • Piping inspection
  • Piping repair
  • Expansion tank inspection
  • Expansion tank repair
  • Boiler Flooding inspection


Never operate a boiler, its burner or any other parts that has come into contact with water as it must be inspected, replaced or completely repaired by a technician to make sure that it is functioning safely and properly. Operating a boiler that has encountered water has the hazard of fire, explosion or electrical shock which might lead to serious injury, death, or substantial property damage.

Industrial Boiler Repair Checklist

MEECO provides your industrial facility with industrial ventilation service. We ensure that in your facility the air is clean and is regularly cycled. Industrial environments are busy environment are full of sensitive equipment and material. Our job is to make sure that proper ventilation is in place to maintain a safe and protected working environment for the personnel and the sensitive materials.

Some of our industrial ventilation services are the installation, maintenance and repair of dust collectors, make-up air units, and exhaust fans for different sites such as underground parking garages, washrooms, processing facilities, and paint booths.

Industrial Ventilation Installation

At MEECO we pay attention to all safety code measures and the following are some of the items that we have on our checklist:

  • Safety Valve Re-calculation and Re-certification: The safety valve on a boiler is extremely important for the safety measure being considered on the device against any type of boiler failure or malfunction such as overpressure. Modern boilers have safety checks, while older models must be checked regularly to ensure proper functioning.
  • Fireside Gaskets: Fireside gaskets need regular safety check and must be replaced when required.
  • Boiler Pressure Gauge Re-calculating: Our professional boiler technician can check your boiler gauge and make sure it is calibrated properly. Gauges become less accurate over time and might not show the exact pressure.
  • Flat Glass Replacement: Flat glass must be replaced in case of a crack or break on it as it can affect the accuracy of the information provided about your boiler.
The more you delay repairs the faster your boiler will breakdown. Repair costs might be higher when the system has broken down completely in comparison to the minor repairs while boiler is still functioning. MEECO will help you monitor your boiler for repairs if necessary. Boiler issues are not always obvious. Our trained and professional technicians unveil issues during regular and scheduled maintenance.

Industrial Boiler Replacement Services

If your commercial/industrial boiler is old, damaged, inefficient, or inadequately sized, it is highly suggested to replace it with a modern, high-efficiency boiler. Outdated coal burner boilers that have been switched to oil or gas boilers are great examples of boilers that must be replaced.

When working with MEECO, rest assured as our professional and expert technicians will take care of your boiler installation job with maximum care and efficiency and will adhere to safety components to comply with all safety codes for your protection and peace of mind.

At MEECO, our team will visit you on site to assess your heating system and assist you to choose the most suitable repair or replacement service for your business based on the needs and requirements of your business and your budget. Every business has unique heating needs and requirements, and our goal is to ensure all those needs are met.

At MEECO we ensure that the boiler in your facility is operating properly, efficiency, and according to the safety codes. Boilers are essential in the heating for your work and business environment and must be repaired as soon as there is any issue with them.

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