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Why Meeco?

Meeco complies with staff technical knowledge standards, and our team is consisted of licensed, experienced, and professional members who know it all inside out. Our capable engineers and technicians are knowledgeable members of our team who can provide you with consultation services before performing installation, maintenance, repair and/or replacement.

Meeco’s mechanical – HVAC engineering will verify design and oversee all onsite services. We adhere to the principles of HVAC design which include the basic theory of system operation and the factors that determine the size and capacity of the equipment installed in the system.‎

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Our HVAC mechanical engineers administer the design and installation of building HVAC systems and optimize indoor air quality by controlling temperature, humidity, and air flow in a building, a building complex, or in a single room. Our heating and cooling systems are designed to make indoor spaces more comfortable regardless the temperature outdoors.


At Meeco we take pride in providing designs and developing new ways and strategies to provide high indoor air quality and energy efficiency by generating new energy, reducing emission, and minimizing environmental damage. Our engineering team identifies and eliminates excessive energy consumption, to ensure maximum functionality and minimum energy cost and waste. We focus on finding efficient, clean, and innovative solutions to supply energy such as designing and testing machinery, researching, and developing ways to generate new energy.

Meeco’s HVAC engineering services can provide significant energy savings and reduce the environmental impact of your building. Energy efficiency increases the building ENERGY STAR score and helps you earn points towards a LEED certification. Bearing in mind that each building is unique and HVAC design requires a customized approach, we strongly recommend professional engineering services.

Built to Last

At Meeco all our HVAC systems are designed with the aim of endurance to ensure less repair and maintenance costs. This process includes writing specifications, troubleshooting, analyzing, and assessing installations and designs to identify problems, calculating heating and cooling needs and tolerances, designing controls, and maintenance protocols.

Improving Commercial Indoor Air Quality

Since Covid-19 pandemic, commercial indoor air quality is of extremely high concern. At Meeco we will assist you address these concerns and help maintain a healthy environment. We will implement several HVAC system modifications and green building design strategies.

Protect Building Occupants via HVAC Modifications

As per EPA statements, indoor air can be TWO to FIVE times more polluted than outdoor air. Therefore, workplace air quality is the concern of many individuals. Different buildings require different measures and HVAC modifications, along with other safety strategies, can protect building occupants from infectious disease.

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Meeco Engineering Inc. has a strong background in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and 25+ years of engineering services for Residential Applications. We are committed to providing the most cost-efficient engineering package to be delivered consistently on time and on the budget to suit the requirements of the client. Call Us +1 (416) 613-2333

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