Heating Floor

For over 5 centuries, underfloor heating has been one of the most common and popular solutions for fulfilling the temperature needs of any environment. Modern calculation systems, proved constructional techniques, innovative materials and improved thermal insulation conditions in buildings, to be the requirements which have made possible the unstoppable advance of this heating solution.

Heating Floor

Underfloor heating facilities provide a situation where the heat radiated from the floor transmits the energy to the walls – resulting with a great impact on the temperature of the main environment whilst reducing the thermal load affecting the people occupying the room.

When the temperature of the floor reduces to around 23°C, the circulation and decomposition of dust in the rooms would be avoided which proves underfloor heating as one of the best solutions to treat the respiratory tract and of the characteristic black smudges on the walls.

The MEECO underfloor heating plant ranges offers you the most convenient and special components aiming to satisfy your temperature needs with simple and rapid creation of durable and reliable systems, which guarantees to provide you with excellent standards of comfort.

Our highly qualified products are equipped with the technical characteristics of the materials and the extreme flexibility of fittings, which mainly makes it possible to heat up any type of building for domestic, commercial, industrial or sporting use, in offices, places of worship and buildings of historical value, by installing underfloor heating devices.