Geothermal Heating And Cooling

Geothermal energy systems are very popular and well-known solutions for both heating and cooling problems and they have a worldwide range of usage in almost every country around the earth. They get their heat from within the earth and pull it to the surface, using it to produce both heat and electricity. They tap into geothermal reservoirs to have your house and business environment heated up and conduct the same process to produce cold environment where it is needed. They may cost a bit more than conversional heating systems to install, but they sure are much cheaper to run and provide safe, emission-free and reliable heating and cooling for a long time.

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Geothermal technology is one of the most popular ways for heating up a building, they bring the building’s temperature in a harmony with temperature of the earth beneath, by taking advantage of underground energy they provide heat in the winter and cool the building in the summer. Our district heating products are constructed to pipe the hot water near the earth’s surface directly into the buildings and in some countries like Germany, Iceland and the United States they are certainly one of the most popular ways to choose when it comes to facilitating the buildings with hot water features.


As was mentioned before, geothermal systems are known to be one of the best common ways suited to fulfil a commercial building’s temperature related needs. A geothermal heat pump which is designed for larger buildings have the advantage of working free of all carbon emissions on the site. Another advantage of these products would be their ability to use the solar energy stored beneath the ground and it’s certainly one of the most energy-efficient ways to fulfil every heating and cooling needs of any commercial building.


If you are looking for an efficient way to heat and cool an industrial area, geothermal energy systems are you best possible choice. As a matter of fact they are well suited for raising plants in greenhouses, heating water at fish pumps, even pasteurising milk and many other industrial processes. The advantage for using under ground energy source in outdoor areas is that they consume much less energy than other temperature providing systems and they can live over 50 years.

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