Cooling Tower Services

Cooling Tower Services

Cooling towers are used for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and industrial purposes. Cooling towers provide cost-effective and energy efficient cooling operation of systems. Industrial facilities use large quantities of water to cool their plants.

Cooling towers are usually located on the roof or near the building and fans are usually located on the top or the side of cooling towers.

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Commercial and Industrial Cooling Tower Installation

Cooling towers are one of the most important and essential components of your HVAC system. Professional and accurate installation of the system greatly affects the air quality, cooling, heating, and ventilation of your commercial and/or industrial site. At MEECO, our professional, licenced, knowledgeable, and experienced installation team will take care of your HVAC and cooling tower installation. All you need to do is to pick up the phone and give us a call and we will do the rest for you.

Types of Cooling Towers

The types of cooling towers are based on the air flow generation which can be Natural draft, Mechanical draft, Crossflow, Counter-flow towers and hyperbolic. The type of cooling tower suitable for your commercial and/or industrial facility depends on many factors that we can discuss with you upon inspection of your site.

However, in general the film type of fill is the more efficient as it provides the same heat transfer in a smaller volume in comparison to the splash fill. The cold-water basin which is located at or near the bottom of the tower, receives the cooled water that flows down through the tower and fill.

Cooling Tower HVAC

Cooling towers use water and air to transfer heat from air-conditioning systems to the outdoor environment. In most cases they are used to remove heat from the condenser water that is leaving the chiller. The most common use of a cooling tower is inside an HVAC system for cooling buildings. An HVAC cooling tower is used to dispose unwanted heat from a chiller.

Cooling towers are often serving industries such as: Chemical processing, Steel mills, Power plants, manufacturing, refineries, natural gas processing, food processing. A Cooling tower’s function is not restricted to process cooling. They are also used for comfort control in extremely large commercial buildings. Cooling towers are found as part of a comfort system in: schools, hotels, hospitals, airports, office buildings, etc.

Removal of Scale Deposits

Minerals in evaporated water stick to cooling towers, which decreases the efficiency of the system. It is essential to remove limescale buildup two to three times a year for a functional cooling tower.

Commercial and Industrial Cooling Tower Maintenance and Repair

At MEECO our maintenance team ensures that your commercial or industrial cooling tower is bacteria free. We make sure to routinely test the water for Legionella and other bacteria. If precautious measures are not taken the bacteria remains invisible until it is too late. A regular and scheduled maintenance is crucial to the healthy and efficient performance of the cooling tower.

Our experienced team checks the piping and change them as needed to ensure full function and energy efficiency of the cooling tower. Other factors that are checked for cooling tower efficiency are recycling, the inspection of all the equipment and increasing cooling cycles.

The maintenance of a commercial and/or industrial HVAC system and cooling tower is an extremely sensitive job. At MEECO in our scheduled maintenance we complete the following:

  • Thorough cleaning
  • Removal of scale deposits
  • Water treatment
  • Component inspection

Thorough Cleaning

Bacterial growth is one of the hazards of cooling towers and HVAC systems. Proper disinfection and maintenance of the interior of the cooling tower must be done at least twice a year to prevent harmful bacteria from forming. Chemical cleaning solutions must be circulated through the system and flushed out. In addition, pressure washing, and vacuums are also used to remove contaminants from the cooling tower.

MEECO takes cooling tower maintenance very seriously. We perform proper disinfection and maintenance to prevent outbreak of Legionnaires disease caused by a contaminated cooling tower.

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