Commercial HVAC Energy Auditing

Why Meeco?

Meeco provides commercial energy audit services which will help determine the energy needs of your HVAC system and identify any possible malfunction or concern by assessing energy consumption and performing a component-by-component and system-by-system examination to determine the HVAC device health.

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Our regular and scheduled audits are part of our preventative maintenance program, which help provide the data needed to improve system performance and minimize energy consumption. A commercial building energy audit helps us understand equipment health and energy expenditures. The following are some of the areas that a commercial HVAC audit will investigate.

● Total energy consumption
● Areas of heaviest energy use
● Areas of lightest energy use
● Areas and equipment with most energy loss
● Age, type, and condition of System components
● System health risks

It is best if the facility and maintenance managers complete commercial energy audit checklist as it will help with the following:

● Resolve unidentified previous issues to minimize energy loss and maximize system efficiency.
● Improve air quality and temperature regulation for the health and comfort of property occupants.
● Compliance with government rules and regulations for building air quality and energy use.
● Useful data for retrofits investment, preventative maintenance, and replacement costs for budget proposals.

Commercial Building Energy Audit Process

● The first step is to gather data on energy consumption by reviewing occupancy patterns, utility bills, maintenance records and accounting documents. This step is completed along with the physical audit for examining the systems and components in a larger HVAC system.
● After data collection the information will be analyzed, using an energy usage software to determine energy consumption patterns and problems that were missed to discover during the physical inspection by the maintenance team.
● Finally, the report of all findings is delivered by the auditor which includes recommendations for any upgrades, retrofits, change outs, or alterations of operating and maintenance schedules.

Commercial building energy audits are complex processes, considering every aspect of the HVAC system and energy use. The following are the components that a commercial energy audit checklist should cover: Air filters, Boilers, Cooling coils and condensation drip pans, Cooling towers and chillers, Ducted returns, Exhaust fans, Face and bypass dampers, Garage ventilation, Heating and reheating coils, Mechanical rooms, Mist eliminators, Mixing plenum, Outside air intake and air quality, Pressurized ceiling supply plenum, Preventative maintenance supplies, Print room exhaust, Return air plenum, Return fans and chambers, Room partitions and stairwells, Spray humidifiers / air washers, Steam humidifier, Supply ductwork, Supply fans and chambers, Terminal equipment, Thermostats and humidity sensors, Toilet exhausts and VAV box.

A comprehensive HVAC audit is the key to fully understanding the electricity consumption of a commercial building. The maintenance schedule keeps the HVAC running, but the audit ensures it is running to its maximum capacity. Contact Meeco for your commercial HVAC energy auditing needs and requirements.

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