Commercial Air Conditioning

MEECO Commercial Air Conditioning

MEECO provides air conditioning services for commercial buildings. The comfort of your commercial property tenants, customers and visitors is extremely important for the successful operation of your business. Appropriate and steady temperature all over the property plays a huge part in providing that comfort.

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Why Meeco?

At MEECO we strive at providing that comfort for our customers by ensuring that the atmosphere of your commercial property will always be cool during warm months. We ensure that your cooling system will keep working at maximum efficiency all the times by providing you with regular maintenance. We also do our best to keep your utility bills as low as possible through constant maintenance check.
Below is a list of commercial air conditioning services that we provide at MEECO:

  • Air Conditioning (A/C) tune-ups
  • A/C repair
  • Installing a new A/C
  • A/C maintenance
We provide professional commercial air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair services in Toronto, the GTA and suburbs.

Commercial Refrigeration

It is extremely important for some commercial properties to have an up and running Refrigeration such as restaurants, bars and grocery stores to be able to preserve their fresh food in their walk-in coolers. Any delay in maintenance and repair of such commercial refrigerators could have unpleasant consequences due to the risk of food being spoiled which will have a drastic financial impact on your business.

MEECO provides ultimate and quality refrigeration services for all types of refrigeration. We provide you with unique commercial refrigeration installation, maintenance, and repair. Our professional and skillful technicians have experience with a wide range of unit styles and models and will provide you with consistent and scheduled services to ensure performance and energy efficiency of the device.

Our Services:

Below is a list refrigeration services provided by MEECO:

  • Refrigerator control and repair
  • Cooler, freezer, walk-in, reach-in installation, repair, and maintenance

We provide professional commercial air refrigeration installation, maintenance, and repair services in Toronto, the GTA and suburbs.

MEECO provides industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services such as installation, maintenance and repair based on your industrial facility needs and requirements. Industrial HVAC is the beating heart of a functioning and operating industrial setting as they usually contain sensitive equipment and material which involves special storage requirements.

Our professional and skillful technicians are ready to assist you with any type of installation, maintenance and repair of your industrial heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs and requirements.

MEECO takes pride at providing superior customer care and speedy and efficient installation, maintenance, and repair of industrial HVAC systems in your facility. When providing services to industrial customers we take into consideration the speedy nature of their job and environment.

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